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ALERT FOR 11-15-12



I have received several reports that there are a vast number of war ships off the American West coast…most notably off the coast of San Francisco, though not visible from land. These ships are said to include nearly the entire Chinese navy, as well as numerous Japanese and Korean warships.

It occurs to me that all three of these countries have an urgent need either to move from where they currently live, if they are to live, else to obtain more farmland and water for their rapidly growing and increasingly disgruntled populations, as in the case of China. Also, there has been increasing Russian bomber activity between Russia and Cuba and a growing Russian submarine presence in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our CIA, initially formed entirely of Nazi spies brought here under Operation Paperclip, has issued a warning to all media against anyone attempting to verify or report on this story…a penalty of death; hence silence on the part of mainstream newspersons.

The so-called Trans American Corridor, stretching from Mexico through Texas and all the way to Canada through North Dakota was being built not only as a way of bypassing American ports and American jobs, but also to hasten the speed of the long planned Blitzkrieg of America to complete the One Word United Nations Military Dictatorship/ referenced as “Fourth Reich” by elitists in Washington D.C. such as Carl Rove, whose father was governor of a Nazi province. Carl has reportedly claimed: ”We will do it the same way as before”.

For three months now I have been unable to account for some relatives of mine living on or near the proposed North Dakota portion of the corridor near Canada, where the Russians were planning to come down from; while at some point the Chinese are to come up from Mexico. Interestingly these two countries are known Biblically as Gog and Megog.

The land of Israel” is something quite different than the country called “Israel”. The land of Israel is the land where the lost tribes of the House of Jacob (the people later renamed “Israel” by God) live; which is predominantly in the United States now. Massive oil findings are being made in our country now, even as Scripture said would occur in the “land of Israel” where the House of Israel lives, rather than the House of Judah.

Meanwhile, no matter what you think of President Obama, his first action after being adjudged reelected was to go back to deliberating with the United Nations (a “consortium of nations) about how best to disarm the American public…a precursor to an open U.N. invasion and occupation.

Nearly all our soldiers are out of the country facing the very real prospect of being killed by weapons of mass destruction soon, as foreign warships and soldiers await off our West coast. Terrorists and foreign soldiers have long been mixing with illegals and coming crossing our unsealed borders along with them. For what strategic purpose are they being aided and abetted by those in the District of Columbia? Why will D.C. not secure our borders nor allow the States to protect their own borders?

Clandestine types assert that the CIA has furnished small nuclear weapons to some professional terrorists already here in order to have an excuse to declare Martial Law and disarm our public after they are detonated. This is the only country ever in world history ever to have unprotected borders … yet our treacherous, treasonous leaders send our young men and women abroad to die supposedly in order to “protect our country”. There is clearly something else going on here.

I am told that Russian clandestine types were utilized by the Rockefeller family and their third cousins the Rothschilds (in London) in creating the United Nations. What did President Obama mean when he recently told Russia’s Putin that he would be free to discuss disarmament after he was reelected? Certainly he is now discussing with them how best to disarm our citizenry…even as foreign warships w ait off our West coast and may already have begun landing soldiers and/or coming down from Canada out of uniform as tourists and speaking only English. Their most logical objective is to clandestinely terrorize and control our leaders at state and local levels who make and implement all decisions on our behalf. This has already been achieved at the Federal level and the highest U.S. Military levels. Seal Team Six, Dick Marshinko, Admiral “Ace” Lyons and President George Bush Sr. deserve the blame for that.

Indeed, Joint Chiefs of Staff member Leon Panetta, speaking before Congress on C-SPAN, made it painfully clear that the U.S. military, and presumably its Commander in Chief as well, no longer seeks permission to act from Congress nor do they feel compelled to obey the U.S. Constitution. Instead, they now work with and take orders from the United Nations, according to Panetta.

This makes me wonder if in fact famed investigative reporter Andrew Breitbart, who brought down many corrupt city governments and exposed corrupt private organizations such as ACORN, who died on precisely the day he promised to make public an audio-visual tape allegedly given him by the FBI, was but a mere coincidence.

The hidden camera film was said to be an old one of a “foreign college student” planning with others the downfall of America. The man in that old film is now now known as President Obama, according to Breitbart … and apparently according to the FBI as well. Under the recently passed NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) the President can have anyone kidnapped, tortured, killed, or indefinitely detained by the U.S. Military or secret Death Squads on American soil without a warrant, a trial or even any charges; now making legal in America all that the Nazis did illegally in Germany. Mainstream reporters said nothing to the American public of this tyranny so they would do nothing to overturn, being unaware even of its existence.

Ex-CIA agents have claimed that their bosses told them that “The Agency/ CIA” it is a “private money-making organization, having nothing at all to with national defense”. I was came by hardcopy evidence that the original all-Nazi-formed CIA actually planned America’s downfall in American think tanks using our own tax money.

I cannot be allowed to speak before an open and free court of law nor before a free press … even if either still existed. The enemies of freedom long ago learned that there cannot be a free country where there is no free press. This is because all that most people know is what they are told by the government corporate conglomerate monopolies of the media. If they do not tell you, you do not know.

Our public has been conditioned to trust only the paid liars, and will not listen to anyone who risks their live to uncover the important truths hidden from view. We must have accurate information on which to base sound decisions; how easily and routinely vital information is withheld. Most people prefer a comfortable lie to an uncomfortable truth. The problem is that what you don’t know can not only hurt you, folks, it can kill you…and your children.

I suggest that we all keep our eyes open for any possible unloading of soldiers from those ships and/or any suspicious activity along any part of that super-highway that was built, and along parts of the Corridor as yet un-built. Indian reservations are legally considered foreign nations and should likewise be watched for suspicious activity to be reported on via the web and/or shortwave radio.

Interestingly, a Railroad worker once told me that everywhere there are tracks above ground, there are tracks below ground too. A book by PhD Richard Sauder shows photos of some impressive boring devices, though there are newer types that melt rock and soil at the rate of at least six miles per day per machine. International investigative reporter Serg Monast was murdered about fourteen years ago. He was reporting on at least one subterranean bullet train tunnel extending from Siberia to Canada and crisscrossing all under the United States. Why must no soldiers be left here in America to defend our own soil? It would stand to reason that the Project Paperclip Nazis that formed the CIA would have affinity for the Nazis that went to work with the Russians…perhaps controlling Russia as much as the ones coming here now control America.

I have received an unconfirmed report of suspicious activity at a remote Indian reservation in the town of Parshall, North Dakota. Maybe someone nearer that location should check into it for us all, just in case.






 {BELOW is a copy of my Refugee Card that was issued to me by the United Kingdom as an official refugee from

 America under the British Refugee Act of 1991. Such information would be news in a truly free country.}