Our Work

With more than 55,000 essays in our portfolio, you can be sure our writers have more than enough experience to help you with even the toughest of essay assignments. Not only is the quantity of our work enormous, but the quality is superb as well. Each essay we write is put through a rigorous quality control regime by one of our expert editors.

With so many quality essays, it’s safe to assume we cover a wide range of academic subjects. But you don’t need to assume – be assured that have written in over 50 basic fields, and hundreds of specific topics, each one different from the next. Our writers are chosen for their diversity – we make sure there is always someone available to write on each and every subject that is being studied in North American schools.

Why our essays?

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Our Team


When you purchase an essay from Essay-Writer.net, you are buying quality. That quality comes from our carefully selected team of writers. Each of our writers is a Master or PhD in their field and has been handpicked from many applicants for their ability to write grade “A” essays within a tight time budget. Our writers are subject matter experts with incredible research skills and more essay writing experience than many professional academics.


We are as selective when hiring our editors as we are with our writers. Each one must possess the same degree of skill and knowledge as one of our writers. And not only do our editors ensure the quality of the work our writers do for you, but they also make their expertise available to you directly. If you’ve written your essay and want a professional to edit it, you can have access to the same high level of quality control you would enjoy as a custom essay client.

Client Care

Our customer service is paramount. We pride ourselves in our ability to process orders and answer questions quickly and effectively at any time of day or night. Our representatives are trained in our business, and are available by telephone, e-mail and live chat. We’re here when you need us, however, you need us.